How to make schools more efficient?

We want to modernize every school. We don’t want cost to be a decision factor. So we are giving away parts of our service that’s useful to every school, for FREE!

Our Free features

Absentee Note

School administrators can easily manage school absences with the absentee note feature. Abandoning the work of creating excel forms and submitting paper documents, our absentee note feature gives you the easiest way to manage attendance.


Alerts are issued by school administrators on the edu ink platform. Parents can quickly learn about emergencies. This is also the demand of thousands of K12 schools. Parents can be aware of emergency alerts at the earliest possible time when a sudden event occurs. this is especially important for schools

  • Simple to use
  • Timed transmission
  • Fast speed
  • Wide range

Our other functions


School administrator publishes the latest school news on the edu. ink platform and specify groups or classes. Parents read and comment on news directly on app.


Parents can view the latest school events, school holidays, public holidays, etc. in the calendar.


Administrators can publish notice on the edu. ink platform. Parents confirm the content of the notice. School administrator can count the check-back data on the edu ink platform.


School administrators arrange teachers resources and classroom resources on the platform. Parents and students can view individual student schedules in the app.


Attendance function can record student's daily attendance information. Teachers can intuitively understand the attendance of each student the platform.


Teachers can post homework on the edu ink platform with attachments and pictures. Parents follow up their children's homework on app.

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