Wearable for Learning

Using EDU.INK Smartband to collect real-time data to student’s immediate learning experience. This will provide data to better supports students in class and at home.

  • To detect when the student is not engage with the content.
  • To alert the student when is time to participate.
  • Allows participate anonymously in-class
  • Supports Students with Learning Disability with specialty apps.
  • Collect data to better improve the quality of the learning experience

In School

  • Knowing where the student is at all times
  • Contact tracing
  • Temperature
  • Contactless sign-in
  • Contactless key
  • Contactless payment

In Class

  • Detect boredom
  • Detect hyperactivity
  • Interactive learning
  • Quiet answering questions

      (data collection and analyze with our AI)

At Home

  • Detect boredom
  • Detect fidgeting
  • Interactive learning
  • Physical interaction to online lessons, such as raising hand  

      (data collection and analyze with our AI)

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