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We design websites that are in keeping with the culture and ethos of our clients. Design elements such as colours, navigation menus and layouts are carefully chosen to maximise visual appeal and efficiency.

What Our Clients Say

1. School office improvement: The app has helped eliminate certain paper notices and reminders by replacing them with an electronic notice/news.
This has helped our school minimize cost and time. As parents find it more convenient to use the app, they are more efficient in reading the notices and contacting our school. This has helped save the school office time in certain admin procedures.

Kornhill International Nursery Kornhill , Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Int'l Section)

2.Feedback from parents: The app has made it more convenient for parents to inform the school of their child’s absence and also to receive notifications about upcoming school events.
It has helped parents to keep in touch with the school by giving them easy access on their mobile phones.

Kornhill International Nursery Kornhill , Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Int'l Section)

3. Our teachers find it very convenient that they can use the app to notify the parents of any activities they are organizing, such as collection of items for artwork, and not have to wait for our weekly handbook to be sent home for those notifications.
This way, parents are reminded of different things at different times through their mobile phones rather than have to wait until they receive the handbook to read any messages from the teacher.

Kornhill International Nursery Kornhill , Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Int'l Section)
“Thank you, as always, for your outstanding support in assisting in the rollout plan of Seesaw App for our School (provided timeline, training our staffs and after service support to our staffs and parents).
I can honestly say that you are one of the few suppliers who are always there when we need them and your team are always eager to help.
We really appreciate your support – your company is  just amazing. “
Cindy Lui Director, DiscoveryMind Kindergarten

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