Manage multiple schools
from one system

Applicable to educational management institutions, supervisors can access the situation of different schools through a easy to use  management dashboard on the system, giving you all the relevant data in your figure tips.

All-in-one system to run your school smoothly

We have designed modules for each different user level.Providing different access rights for administrators, teachers, students, and parents modules is an ideal way to manage complete school functions.

Admissions Module

Create and publish new school application forms and course application, review registration forms and receive online payment.  Simply implement online registration. Read More>

Billing Module

Create accounts for each receivable, clearly understand the student’s contribution, intelligently calculate the fees, and confirm the order and automatically sends the bill receipt. Read More>

Trips Module

A student transport management application integrated with our student information system ,allowing for ease of creating student ride list. The bus supervisors app will show designated pick up guardian list for extra safety check.

Students Module

Easily check out the children’s details, including basic personal information, health status, special attention, parent information and contact details at a glance. You can also check the status of real-time payment and keep track of your child’s activity.

Classes Module

Manage online classes, check student attendance, and post campus announcements and news. In case of special circumstances, an urgent notice can be issued in time.

Communication Module

Designed for School Admin who is allowed to communication with all the classes and groups in the school.Read More>

What are the benefits of the Student Management System ?

For Management

  • Time & money saving.
  • Campus information acquisition is fast and convenient for efficient management.
  • Close contact between managers.

For Administrator

  • Simplified admission process.
  • Data security.
  • Smooth daily operation.
  • User interface require minimal IT skills.

For Teachers

  • focus on students, not admin tasks.
  • Easily manage a student’s information.
  • Improve work efficiency.
  • Easy communication with  parents.

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