Digital Libraries

Keep the Learning & Reading Continue for Your Students

Digital libraries are services that have been developed and enhanced for years, but the recent Covid-19 pandemic has made many schools aware of the service for the first time. Especially because of the closure of libraries, during the pandemic, additional efforts have been made to promote Digital Libraries and their services, as clearly visible and active libraries.

Moreover, traditional libraries or those without many digital services are having the challenge of keeping their services active for their students virtually during this emergency, and librarians have been engaging in new school practices in order to achieve such objectives from their home schooling.

Library-Connect – Unique digital library gives all parents, students and schools access anywhere and anytime
  • Seamless integrate with student management
  • Real-time student reading progress dashboard
  • Promote ebooks
  • Included 100 Chinese and English e-book with right to use (eISBN)
  • Simple to use

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